14 April, 2013

[ Fall 13 ] Chanel

There are some things you can memorize from Chanel´s Fall13 collection: tweed a-line skirts, black and white leather cuissardes, and serious wrist and head accessories. The collection came with an interesting vibe, with super androgynous knee down pieces, and the well knwon Chanel polished silhouetes.  This collection may be the  closest to Karl Lagerfeld own style, as you can see on shoes and gloves. Deep Cobalt blues, sorbet tweed shades, and textured glitter tweeds makes this collection truly unique.


  1. Anonymous15/4/13 20:07

    Je suis d`accord avec toi,il y a quelque chose de très Lagarfeld dans cette collection.La question est:est-ce que ce n`est pas un peut "to much"?

  2. That´s a very personal point. I think that sometimes brands tries to stay close to a runway vision or an idealistic concept, and you have to translate that to your daily basis. You don´t have to agree with every details, for me, there are a few things that can be dressed down a litlle bit more, to make sense in your wardrobe. It depends on your perspective, that´s the great thing about fashion, everyone will adapt it in a different way. Just a thought! kiss, Teresa.