27 March, 2014



This lipstick from Dior is my favourite shade so far. I can do 3 types of shades with it; a red stain for daywear (applied with a lip pencil and using a minimum amount); a full red lip for evening (using the lipstick directly on the lips); and a glossy red stain (combined with Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream).  Normally, if I have no time in the morning, I like to use simple things but with maximum impact (cause all we want is a fresh face, right?). So, I use mascara, tinted moisturizer, a soft blush and a red lip stain, and that´s it. I advise a lip pencil, cause you don´t want  a uneven shape (it´s better a nude lip than a bad red lip experience). Finally, you can blot the excess lipstick with a tissue. 


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