01 May, 2014



""Extremes of emotion: tears and laughter; horror and joy." 
Francis Bacon´s work, intriguing yet terrifying, captures the strained intensity of the body in motion. In his paintings are flashes of pure energy evoking equal measures of sublime horror and awe. The elegant strength and passion of flesh overlap and merge, eliciting conflicting sensations of grace and shame. Utilise ugliness to define beauty, exalt the unpleasant, and transform aversion into attraction: these become powerful creative principales."

Last week, I´ve been in the Musée Des Arts Décoratifs at Paris, to see the Dries Van Noten exposition. I decided to go, because it is one of my favorite designers, and I´m always looking for his amazing background work and vision. The exposition was beautifully presented, with his signature aesthetic with colour and pattern mixture. Each piece was framed with the perfect base:  the space had a soft light experience with the walls decorated with the same Dries Van Noten collection patterns.

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