12 June, 2014


 Lately I´ve been travelling a lot, and because of that, my dedicated time to the blog has been compromised a little bit. But the good part, is that my fashion inspiration has grown a lot by seeing so many creativity on the streets. I just come back from London! Those girls knows exactly what they´re doing in terms of individuality and style.
Today, I was updating my fashion diary on style.com, when I saw the new Resort 2015 collection from Chloé and those amazing bags. I´m searching for this type of shoulder bags for a while, and when I saw this collection, those gorgeous bags catched my attention. In general this collection is amazing, it has a great depth and explores really well different textures. But at the same time, it has amazing basic pieces and clean lines. In my opinion, this is the most versatile and inteligent approach cause it has the best of both worlds. Soon, I will do for sure, a mood board with some of their looks.

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