29 December, 2014


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was full of delicious christmas recipes and lots and lots of tea as a sugar cleansing system!! It´s just impossible not to taste everything that you have on Christmas table, right? Especially in my family, that making authentic food and enjoy it is part of our dynamic.
For this week, as I have not planned vacation to an exotic and tropical place, how can I mimic the sunkissed skin in winter? Overlaying the largest number of white cream layers as you can. I'm very addicted lately to the bodycon skirts, I think there is no better ally for a winter mohair sweater.

Have a great week, and get ready for the new year with style. I think I will adapt this gorgeous with some glitter and some fierce heels. xo Teresa.

I´m wearing:

Burberry coat
American Vintage sweater
Zara skirt
Puma sneakers
Miu Miu bag

1 comment:

  1. Bonne idée, celle de mettre des sneakers! J`aime bien ce look et tu le mets en valeur. Bravo!